We take the environmental crisis very seriously and we try to be as responsible and eco friendly as possible. Every Dreamer item is 100% handmade and ethically made, produced locally in the Dreamer Studio, either by The Dreamer or by collaborating local manufacturers. All materials used are locally sourced. In addition, every piece is either unique or limited edition, ensuring collectability, unlikeness, and responsible material use. Our production includes only organic supplies as well as water based paints and inks. Recycling and upcycling materials is part of our ethos and we constantly try to repurpose, reform, and reintroduce Dreamer designs.


How are we a sustainable company?


  • Every item is 100% handmade, produced either in the Dreamer Studio or by local manufacturers.
  • Materials are organic and locally sourced.
  • Every piece is hand printed in the Dreamer Studio using only water based inks & paints.
  • Items are either unique or limited edition.
  • We do not use any heavy machinery in our production process.
  • The only plastic material used in our production is the plastic shipping bags provided by the collaborating courier companies to ensure safe delivery.

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